Jamee DeSimone, M.Sc.

The largest garbage dump in the world is where?!?! I was surprised to hear about this when I found out a little while ago...surprised and saddened. This massive, 10 foot deep swirling mass of garbage is twice the size Texas, and is right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! There are two "piles" of it, on either side of the Hawaiian Islands, extending almost all the way to Japan. This is monstrous! (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/02/great_pacific_garbage_patch.php#ch01)
Why do we insist on producing so much waste? In a technologically-advanced world where I can share a family dinner from 3000km away on a webcam and computer screen, why can't we learn to change the way we do things? Instead, we're choking the life out of the oceans, at least the Pacific, and creating more and more waste in the mean time...
Changes start from the bottom up - we can make them happen! As a great example, Swedish people decided that they wanted to go 100% off oil as an energy source by 2013, so their government put in the appropriate mandates and they're well on their way to achieving their goal.
We can make small changes at home, by talking to our local politicians, mayors, friends and family...voice your opinions! They matter.

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